TouchStone Healing Arts
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Integrated therapies for the Body, Mind and Soul
It is one thing to get an amazing massage, intuitively designed to meet your individual needs, and it is even better to receive it from someone that you immediately feel comfortable with and connected to. When that person has over 18 years of professional experience and specialized training, it is a combination that is a delight for the body, mind and spirit.

Meet Sheila Stone LMT. Sheila has been practicing the art of bodywork for over 18 years and has worked on thousands of people. She has an amazing sense of intuition and an accute sense of feel and touch. With experienced hands, every little knot and tight area will be found and addressed, with a variety of modalities that are brought together in one session that will be both therapeutic and deeply relaxing and customized for exactly what your body needs.

Your experience may be enhanced, if you choose, by some of Sheila's other specializations. She has the ability to work with you energetically as well as psychologically to promote the highest level of wellness of body and mind. She has training in several energy and emotional healing modalities. Sheila is a transformational life coach; as a skilled and intuitive communicator, she can assist you in understanding your body, mind as well as any emotional issues you may be dealing with. She has a way of helping you feel connected, whole and healed at every level.

Sheila graduated from Myotherapy Institute in massage in 1996,received a formal degree in communications and psychology from Weber State University, became a certified life coach through NLPCA and is now completing a Master's degree in Transformational Psychology through the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has also completed various other trainings in bodywork therapies as well as mental, spiritual and emotional healing workshops and classes.
TouchStone Healing Arts is located at 256 25th street in Ogden, Utah. It is located in a beautiful, private setting on one of the most quaint and historic streets in Utah. Here you can get a massage, enjoy one of Ogden's finest restaurants or clubs, and even treat yourself to something new from one of our local retailers. It is an experience you will always remember.

Hours of Availability: Monday through Friday 11:00 am until 6:00 pm, or by special arrangement. Generally closed on weekends and late evenings.
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