TouchStone Healing Arts
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Services and treatments

Intuitive Massage:  This treatment is what I specialize in. Using a combination of modalities, including, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, relaxing circulatory movements, neuro-muscular techniques and various forms of energy work, I  connect to your body and subtle energy fields and allow my intuition to guide me in giving you the perfect massage. I will find and address every little knot and tense muscle and address them with just the right pressure and technique. You will walk away feeling like you just had a great massage, relaxed, connected and healed.
 Deep Tissue/Pain Management:  This is not your typical all over relaxing massage. I design my work around your specific needs in that moment. If you are in pain and hurting, I may take most of the session and utilize deep tissue, neuro-muscular, trigger point and other therapies to pin-point areas that need attention the most. With the time left over, I will address any other issues needed and/or make the rest of your body feel relaxed and wonderful.
Emotionally Healing Bodywork: The body is an energetic storehouse that holds on to old memory, trauma, pain and stress when we are unable to release and process it in other ways. "The issue is in the tissue" as some may say. I have the intuitive capacity to sense where your body might be holding stuck energy and a few techniques to help get it moving along.
 Energy work: I am a Reiki master and have been working with this energy for over 15 years. Reiki is subtle, yet power form of energy work. Using intuitively guided hand positions, I allow Re "higher power" and Ki "life force energy " to flow through me to you. The effect is a deep feeling of relaxation, peace and wholeness. 
Chi Nei Tsang : This is an ancient form of abdominal massage that is both physically and emotionally healing. While I am still an evolving student in the art, I have seen some amazing results. Our belly holds  stored emotion that can affect the proper function of the internal organs . This treatment is a dance involving the exploration with my hands and your guided breath. Through this work, the unconscious stored energy and memory begin to be released as well as toning and relaxing your internal organs.
Cranial Sacral Therapy: This is a gentle hands-on modality that works with the cranial sacral system which is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord. With extremely light pressure, restrictions in the body are released and the overall functioning of the central nervous system is enhanced. Deep emotional charges stored within the body may also be released allowing the body, mind and soul to heal.
 Transformational Life Coaching: All true change and personal growth comes from within and our individual commitment to create more of what we do want in life and less of what we don't. i can assist you in gaining the awareness and skills to make positive and lasting change to bring greater peace, joy and productivity to your life. 
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